The average Brit will have sex every 2.7 days, assuming they are active from 16-60

A recent survey revealed that this total is equal to roughly 0.45% of the average human lifespan, with the typical Brit going at it 5,778 times in their life.

Now BumPix has crunched the numbers to reveal how often the average Brit actually has sex, and their findings may surprise you.

The figure is based on the assumption that you will be sexually active between the ages of 16 and 60, and provides a rough estimate for this 44-year period. It turns out that, typically, you can expect to have an encounter every 2.7 days if you are sexually active between these years.

This revelation comes after we revealed that people are most likely to be having sex.

A new survey pinned down the most common time for couples to get down to it, with 9am on Sundays the most popular time for some intimacy. The study, commissioned by Superdrug, asked 2,000 people their most popular time to have sex.

Not surprisingly, the weekend saw the most action with Saturday the favourite day overall, followed by Friday night.

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