Is it safe to use an escort?

Now, if you have ever been at this stage in your life when you compare your state of affairs, it should have crossed over to your thoughts whether to book an escort now or not and booking to do the session with or without the rubber. You might have the desire to pleasure yourself with one different feeling. Most people have the mentality that rubber spoils the entirety or the natural sensation but before going to that extent they just ask themselves is it safe?

Usually, most of the recognised escort agencies present in big cities like London, Newcastle, Liverpool, and Manchester etc hire healthy escorts as well make sure during their contract that they get regular body checkups. But you can never be sure if they are safe or not. So here are the key points you should keep in mind:

Protection is important while working

In reality, when you request any escort for their personal experience, most of them will definitely confess that they always prefer safer intercourse during work, but most of them also state that they avoid protection during sessions if the client offers a decent amount of money. A current observe also shows that the most escorts try to have safer intercourse than their greedy counterparts. But you have to make sure that the escort that you are booking is healthy.


An escort that had to stay anonymous due to personal reasons says that before she started working in this industry. She had seldom thought of giving a “covered” oral before the intercourse. And now, she rarely offers it to anyone even with the rubber. In a recent study, it has already shown that in London most of the ladies who work as a professional escort tend to have protected intercourse as they value their life over money and also they are concerned about their reputation as well. While the women who are not professionals usually are found to be infected with STDs as they never schedule their meeting with the doctors and also they perform unsafe sex.

Casual or general intercourse is often Riskier

Sometimes even safe is not absolutely safe. Generally, people tend to lie about having STIs or STDs, even though they may be dating someone seriously. Just imagine if you are in a serious relationship with someone and they tell you after a couple of months that they have an STD which she thought was cured a long time ago but is not! The problem is that you already had unprotected intercourse with that person and not even once but for months and you still consider you’re absolutely secure. A logical person would surely doubt that. When you are concerned, You just think about yourself as you only know what is best for you. But escorts do not lie about anything, why would she? She is just here to earn her money and she is just doing business that’s all.

Condom isn’t a guarantee

if you think that those condoms are 100% safe and secure, take a look at the rubber wrap yet again and you might be surprised. It usually says “99% safety from STIs/STDs”. Even 1% matters when you are having a hard day. Condoms can leak and they might get torn, it does not matter to the rubber if she is a casual neighbour or an escort.These are the natural hazards that come along with intercourse and there’s not anything you may do regarding it. Then there is that lot which removes the rubber for more fun during any comfortable position during intercourse but they usually forget that they have taken off the last firewall that was present which ultimately leads him to the hospital in recent years.

So is it safe?

Yes, they are much safer as these skilled escorts are not some roadside prostitutes but they are well respected and reputed ladies which can cost you a lot as they are physically and medically fit. They are in escort industry as professionals and they comprehend that the health risk is a business risk too.

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