Most of these clients avail services from a specific escort regularly and they tend to call them by their names.

It can get really awkward if the client is calling the escort by her real name in the hotel lobby or in any social gathering. Some escorts even get viral in short span of time as they indulge in porn activities. Real names can lead to lawful and legal consequences, so keeping your identity secure is necessary.

If they have a real name, then it can cause some real harm to the self-dignity of that escort. It may also ruin her prestige. So, what exactly are the basic reasons that escorts do not reveal their real names or identities?


In most of the countries where this practised as a profession, the majority of the escorts have families. These escorts work regularly to earn bread and butter for their living. They have responsibilities that they have to manage on daily basis. It can get really embarrassing if the family of the escorts gets to know what exactly is she doing! They would be emotionally devastated. But this can be avoided if you use an alias name and also make sure to never ever share your personal information with any of your clients. Just imagine if you going to drop you kid to school and you find out that one your recent client’s children also study in the same school.

If he knows your real name then it would be really difficult to avoid him but if you are using a different name then you can easily ignore him as even your little kid would think that the man is calling someone else.


Everyone has friends so does escorts. Friends know everything as people usually share all the dark secrets with their friends. But being in an escort industry, not a secret that can be shared even with friends as they will never understand what made you take this drastic step in your life. Even the best friends will feel bad for or even show sympathy towards you as if you were like some infected patient who is going to die soon.

This all can be avoided if you use alias name since your face on any website would be blurred that make it very safe and secure. For example, if you are in a restaurant or a nightclub partying with your friends and some who knows that you are an escort then it would become a very serious situation as you have not shared any information with your friends about your lucrative profession.


Finally, no escort can deny the fact that they love self-respect more than anything. Escorts are not prostitutes who are willing to trade their body for some money but they are those respectable professionals who are willing to provide some specific services to the customer for the considerable amount of money. If the client disrespects you and calls you by names then it would surely annoy any escort who is using her real identity but if that escort is smart then she would just ignore that stupid psychopath and move on.

It surely makes difference as your brain is programmed to reach on anything associated with your name, so by using the fake name you can avoid any aggressive step.

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