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- London punter

Jan. 9, 2021, 5:34 a.m.

Escort services are getting crushed by the coronavirus pandemic -- business is drying up, but there's one city that is, so far, immune to the drop-off.

Across the country, most escort services are telling us their clientele is scarce, and the future looks grim with 4 whole states under "stay home" orders. Let's face it, not too many options for places to take a date these days.

One Las Vegas escort service tells us it has zero business right now amid a state-wide non-essential business shutdown. Not to mention, social-distancing -- standing 6 feet away from your date isn't much of a date. As a result, the service is shutting down for 3 to 4 months.

Ditto in NYC, where at least one service is closing down until further notice. In Chicago, we're told biz dropped a whopping 80 percent for one escort service ... and that was before Friday, when the whole state of Illinois shut down.

That's not to say customers aren't willing. We're told some regulars in Chi-town have reached out complaining of boredom. One even promised he'd sanitized his apartment and had a warm meal waiting.

These are desperate, stir-crazy times.

Except in Miami, apparently ... where one escort service tells us it's had NO downturn. We were also told their employees weren't taking precautions due to the virus. Coronavirus, that is.

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