Subject: AVOID Time For Love Biggleswade

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- Luton punter

April 8, 2021, 7:42 p.m.

Avoid like the plague. "Time For Love" AKA Jane Johnson is a 58 year old slag who goes after older guys and drags them in promising  a relationship then try's to milk you for as much money as she can even resorting to Black mail threating to inform family.

Even the sex is not that good and she is mostly unresponsive.  even her BJ is just holding your cock in her mouth no action at all.

She has disappeared off most sites at the moment and tried to delete her digital foot print as I think to many guys have cottoned onto her tricks. So just be aware if you come across an escort named Jane Johnson from Biggleswade who like to contact you via whatsapp and lives in her own apartment near the station  Ten RUN like hell in the direction.

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