Subject: Stay Away

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- Bristol punter

Sept. 20, 2021, 1:57 a.m.

Why are some escorts just awful even when you treat them right

Stay Away!

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worst experience ever, first of all, what you see is not what you get, she is short and different from her profile, her profile is a lie, including the area, she is in the Horley Road BS2 9TL area, not BS1

 I paid for half an hour, I was asked to add tip from the get go, which I politely decline, her attitude changed the moment she got the money, the fake smile quickly disappeared and she was trying to get me out the door as fast as she can,

She speaks 0 English, there was another girl in the living room that translates, I should have known what to expect with a sudden change in attitude after payment, she got me straight on the bed, no bj, we started at missionary position, she stood up twice to check her phone on the table and started talking angrily in her language, we continued and I asked for a lubricant and she got angry and said "NO ENGLISH, NO MORE, GO"(pointing to the door) she stood up, I spent only 14 minutes! in a 30 minutes session, I noticed another client was already waiting outside the door

These type of girls are the reason some punters treat innocent sex workers poorly, they think they are smart by ripping you off!, even as I was wearing my cloths she hurried me out. you should only visit this escort If you have completely given up on life and wants to feel terrible afterwards, you will be treated like filth once the money leaves your hand.

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