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Amara is an English girl who was blessed with having Spanish heritage. Giving her a lightly tanned complexion and a stunning look of excoticism to her faultless exterior. Standing at five foot ten, as you can probably imagine; She’s got legs that go on for days. They finally end at her perfectly manicured toes and also lead all the way up to her perfectly rounded bum, perfect for a session of spanking. Being a dress size eight, she has a toned, firm and just amazing figure, that leaves clients lost for words (and us for that matter - There isn’t an adjective available to tell you how perfect she is!). Yet still keeping hold of those soft curves, she is not what is usually described as a ‘beanpole’ in any form. Her figure is slender yet indeed shapely.

She is equally as impressive facially, having soft red lips, eyes so blue they almost look grey and long flowing hair that is dyed a silverish tone.

She always looks her best. Knowing the importance of keeping herself in top shape, always being well presented and indeed, giving a good service overall.

This girl gives you a girlfriend experience beyond compare.

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