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Express Escorts is strcutured around technology to truly stand out within an industry light years behind nearly every consumer service brand. Founded by two former university colleagues who had grown disillusioned and undervalued having worked in London's financial service sector, the business expects to compete side by side with both Adult Work & Viva Street before April, 2018.

Initially based from Wolverhampton and focused within the Midlands region, 85% of the company's growth during the last 6 months has come purely from word of mouth or client referral. Providing a delicate service with the upmost discretion Express Escorts will never make outlandish claims or website offers because the business is purely focused upon providing a gentleman's club atmosphere based on morals, ethics and the delivery of the best possible client experience.

The company is wholly transparent in its operations, every policy and process is available to the public as testament to the quality assurance guarantees we offer our clients. Ultimately, as every service business people are the lifeblood of our success. To that end the founders invested much time, effort and money so they could find two vastly experienced ladies who control daily operational matters and most importantly manage the vital relationships with our models.

To date we are proud of our achievements and already in talks to franchaise the business model into New Zealand, Austria and Poland. If you are fed up of the same lies, disappointment and anxieties which unfortunately go hand in hand when dealing with 99% of escort agencies, please give Express Escorts a ring (01902 249075), when we will be more than happy to provide you with some client referal details from which you can talk in confidence to existing customers about the quality of our services without our staff been involved!!

That is how confident we are.

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